MAS ETH in Housing | Apply now for the 2023/24 edition

Publiziert 13. März 2023

MAS ETH in Housing | Apply now for the 2023/24 edition

The MAS ETH in Housing is a specialized course organized by the ETH Wohnforum – ETH Centre for Research on Architecture, Society and the Built Environment (ETH CASE). We are an interdisciplinary research centre focusing on housing issues in relation to their broader socioeconomic, cultural, political, institutional and spatial context.

The program is committed to breaking new grounds beyond established geographic boundaries in order to systematically investigate housing challenges in Switzerland, Europe and the global South. Our approach prepares architects to work in multi-disciplinary environments with a focus on people and their wellbeing.

Building upon our academic, research and professional experience we place major emphasis on enhancing participants’ theoretical, methodological, research and writing skills by focusing on a number of interlinked thematic areas that we analyse in the framework of four specific modules:

Module 1: Global housing issues, challenges and strategies

Globally, over one billion people lack adequate housing, a challenge that calls for innovative, sustainable, affordable and inclusive solutions. Based on our understanding that housing issues need to be analysed holistically, the topics discussed in this module include the links between housing and wellbeing, housing markets and socio-demographic changes, housing and social innovation and cooperative housing.

Module 2: Case studies

In the framework of this module analyse highly innovative housing projects, such as those developed by renowned Swiss housing cooperatives.  and interact with leaders of housing initiatives, architects, and residents with the aim of developing a critical understanding of the historical, socio-cultural, and political context that enable such creative solutions to emerge.

Module 3: Housing research methods

This module introduces the course participants to the research methods and tools that are currently used in housing studies, with particular emphasis on qualitative and participatory methods. Through practical exercises students engage with stakeholders, such as residents and neighbourhood organizations to generate knowledge that complements the technical know-how of experts in planning and designing urban interventions. Local authorities and government departments, in Switzerland and worldwide, recognize the importance of such bottom-up and participatory approaches to housing developments.

Module 4: Developing a research project

A core element of the MAS ETH in Housing is the development of a research-based individual thesis. In the framework of this module, students are coached through this process and learn the fundamentals of conducting their own research project, from defining a clear research question, to formulating valid hypotheses, and developing a feasible research design.

Throughout the course we organise excursions in Switzerland to enable students to learn through observation and direct interaction with relevant Swiss stakeholders in the development of innovative housing solutions, with particular focus on the country´s renowned housing cooperatives. 

Another integral component of the MAS course is the seminar week, a one-week excursion during which the students have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on housing strategies in different contexts, visit projects, meet with related communities and stakeholders, and reflect upon contextually appropriate housing solutions. Over the last years our international project allowed us to organized seminar weeks in Spain, Colombia, India and Mozambique.

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