CAS in Climate Innovation | ETHZ

Participants will work collaboratively on real-​world case studies that are relevant to their work and relevant to stakeholders. They will experience complexity and learn how to cope with it, participate in peer learning, and utilise a network consisting of public/private sectors to prototype impactful solutions.


The goal of the CAS programme is to equip future climate leaders with the adequate skills and knowledge to navigate uncertainty and complexity, and to prepare the participants to develop impactful solutions in interdisciplinary teams. A collective intelligence will be created around three pillars of this programme, namely 1) system knowledge, 2) transformational learning experience, and 3) network activation, with an emphasis on dialogue and exchange.

CAS in Climate Innovation | ETHZ


  • Abschluss

    Certificate of Advanced Studies ETH in Climate Innovation

  • Zielgruppe

    European and swiss professionals from private and public sectors, who share a common vision about their roles in the socio-​economic-environmental transition towards net zero emissions. They who want to lead the climate transition, to learn to develop impactful solutions, and to work collaboratively. English: 100 %

  • Dauer

    1 Semester (February–June)

  • Unterrichtstage

    Flexible hybrid format (in-​person/online) mixture of two-​day modules (4), a three-​day kick-​off event and a final one-​week immersive block course.

  • Anmeldeschluss

    Start: Spring Semester 2023. Application period: 01.09–30.10 / Additional application round (if places are available): 14.–30.11

  • ECTS-Punkte


  • Preis

    9.500,00 CHF

    CHF 50 for persons with a Swiss university degree, CHF 150 for persons with another university degree (non-​​​refundable, credit card payment only)

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    ETH Zurich

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    Dr Carole Rapo

    ETH Zurich - D-​USYS

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